Privacy Policy Main Topics – 10th ISEET

Main topics


– Oocyte recovery, shipment, maturation and cryopreservation

– In vitro embryo production and culture

– Small and large embryo cryopreservation

– Preimplantation genetic diagnosis of the embryo and production of sexed embryos and foals

– Assisted reproduction in old mares

– Early Embryonic Development (in vivo and in vitro)

– Treatment of semen to be employed for assisted reproduction technologies

– Clinical aspects of embryo transfer: donors and recipients management and selection; embryo recovery and transfer

– The outcome of fresh, cooled and frozen embryo transfers, produced in vitro or in vivo

– Early Embryonic Loss

– The sport and economic performances of foals born from assisted reproduction technologies

– Genomics and equine assisted reproduction technologies

– Epigenetics and equine assisted reproduction technologies